What are the Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Packaging?

For the packaging of our Lucy Bee Cleansing Cream we have decided to use aluminum. In this blog we will cover why we chose to use aluminum instead of an alternative like glass or plastic. 


- Aluminum is 100% recyclable. It can be continuously and repeatedly recycled without losing its quality, making this a sustainable option. Most of the aluminum that has been extracted is still being recycled and reused.
- Aluminum provides the best protection against UV rays, water, and oxygen for a product, as it provides a barrier.
- Once opened, the cleansing cream inside is still protected against any impurities, moisture or air getting into the product (unlike packaging which uses pumps, including a glass bottle with a plastic pump), due to the way the aluminum can be shaped and used, helping to protect the product.
- It is much easier to almost fully empty an aluminum tube versus something that has a pump, which means that you’re not left with product at the bottom of a bottle which you can’t get out!
- There is an internal lacquer which acts as a protective layer between the aluminum and the cleansing cream, which means that there is not contact between the aluminum tube and the cleansing cream. The lacquer lining prevents any reaction between the product and the aluminum. If there wasn’t a lining it can impact the integrity of the aluminum, and also the quality of the product.
- Aluminum is strong (doesn’t break easily), flexible (you’ll notice it dents but you can get the product out, reducing waste) and lightweight (which reduces energy in delivery).

Lucy Bee Skincare aluminum packaging


• One of the biggest issues with aluminum is the amount of energy it takes to make new aluminum, alongside the waste product which is damaging to the environment if not controlled. However, if we continue to recycle aluminum (which as mentioned above can continuously be recycled), the energy consumption of recycled aluminum is reduced to as much as 95% compared to the raw product.

This also ensures that we can prevent the risk of damage to the environment from waste products. This is why it is so important to make sure that we recycle aluminum products whatever they are, as we can help to make sure that the need for new aluminum is reduced.  


Respecting the environment is a big part of our ethics and we consider this when looking at the packaging that we use for our products. We use minimal plastic and so this wasn’t even an option for the packaging of our Cleanser.

We do use recyclable glass in our range but for the Cleansing Cream we believe that aluminum is a better alternative to keep this product fresh, free from contaminants, and means we do not have to use a plastic pump.

Even though the aluminum tube dents easily, we like to say “better a dent in the packaging than a dent in the planet”!

Daisy, MSc PGDip ANutr,
Is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Public Health Nutrition, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition, both of which are Association for Nutrition (AFN) accredited. She, also, has a BSc degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience; and has completed an AFN accredited Diet Specialist Nutrition course. Daisy has worked for an NHS funded project, the Diabetes Prevention Programme; and shadowed a nutritionist in Harley Street, London

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