Carbon Neutral Shipping

In the world of online shopping and demand for products from around the world, it’s unfortunately impossible to avoid carbon emissions. This is an area in which we’re conscious of doing something practical to help curb these effects and we’ve looked at various schemes set up for carbon offsetting.

We want our offsets to be used productively and efficiently and feel the best way that we can help make a difference is by donating the equivalent carbon offset to our chosen charity. This year we’re supporting The Soup Kitchen at the American International Church in Tottenham Court Road, London, UK and for every order shipped from our warehouse to you, we donate $0.02 which is the carbon impact of your order.

In addition, we use UPS to deliver your orders. One of the reasons we choose to work with UPS is because they invest in ways to reduce their impact on the environment, which you can read more about below.

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

The Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Neutral are phrases that you’ve no doubt heard of, but what do they actually mean?

Greenhouse gases are the emissions from such things as cars, planes, machines, factories which are spewed out into the atmosphere. Modern day living has increased these volumes and we are all looking at ways to help reduce the negative effects on the environment and this is where Carbon Offsetting/Neutral comes into play.

Carbon Offsetting is where an amount is paid to a scheme or cause, which equates to the carbon footprint of an activity, making it carbon neutral.

You may ask how one single person can make a difference, but collectively we all can!

As an ethical company with a respect for our social responsibility, carbon offsetting is something that we’ve looked at to help compensate for the greenhouse gases given off with each delivery made from our online shop. We’re researched different schemes to see what we’re most comfortable with in terms of how our carbon offset contributions are used, and how effective these are with the good that they do.

At Lucy Bee we decided that rather than sign up to a grand scheme, instead, we will donate $0.02 (to represent the carbon impact for your order) so that our carbon offsets are effectively used. For 2020, our donations will be given to our chosen charity, The Soup Kitchen at the American International Church in Tottenham Court Road, London, UK.

The Soup Kitchen feeds, clothes and provides mental health support to over 100 homeless and vulnerable people in London each day and none of that is possible without countless volunteers and donors.

Lucy Bee is a small, UK-based company and we believe that the best way for our carbon offsets to have the most impact is by donating these to small, grass roots charities, such as The Soup Kitchen. 

Deliveries from UPS

In addition, we’ve chosen to use UPS to ship your order to you because, as a company, they work to reduce their effects on the environment by:
• Using electric and hybrid vehicles in numerous towns and cities, including Seattle USA, London UK, Dublin ROI 
• Evaluating how many miles they drive
• How much fuel, paper and water they use
• How much noise their airplanes make
• Encouraging customers to sign up to UPS My Choice® to personalize your delivery making it more efficient and reducing failed and unnecessary delivery attempts

We fully appreciate that all of this doesn’t totally negate the carbon emissions of shipping products from online sales but with the world that we live in and the demand for online shopping from consumers, we are doing our best to help alleviate the problem.

Lucy Bee Skincare

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Lucy Bee is a lifestyle brand selling skincare and soap products all completely free from palm oil and with minimal use of plastic. Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, organic, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and empowering people to make informed choices and select quality, natural products for their skin.

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