Supporting Food Banks with our Coconut Water

As a small business, we really do rely on the support of our customers because without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. And so, a huge thank you to everyone who has bought our Coconut Water making it possible for us to in turn support food banks and charities with donations of our Coconut Water.


We have just donated 11,700 cartons of Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Coconut Water to 8 organizations who have distributed these to the vulnerable, the homeless and those who are struggling to afford healthy food.


“This week we’ve included the coconut water in 1100 food parcels packed and handed out to families so far. We have another 1400 to pack and dispatch starting Friday. Thank you so much for your very kind donation!”
Cynthia Stroud BEM, founder Jedidiah UK
Lovely product that will go a long way to help those in need.
Nikki Tadema, COO City Harvest, London
“We have received the pallets of coconut water yesterday and are already distributing them to our charities. Thanks again for your donation.”
Jason Lennon, the Felix Project


The following UK charities have received our Coconut Water

  • Jedidiah UK, a charity based in Hertford, supplying food bags to families in need
  • Chroma Church, Leicester, a food bank
  • Merseyside Play Action Council, a food bank and providing food parcels to children and youth centers in Liverpool
  • Holy Trinity and St Augustine of Hippo Church, Leytonstone, a food bank
  • The Felix Project, in Deptford, Enfield, and Park Royal. They donate food to over 400 front-line charities, primary schools and holiday programs in London
  • City Harvest, Acton who donate food to the homeless, soup kitchens, women’s refuge centers and the elderly


Jedidiah UK



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