Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning
Top To Toe Tanning

Top To Toe Tanning

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We’re putting the care back into skincare 

The great thing with these is that they’re interchangeable and can be used on the face and body. 

The Drops are colorless, with no added fragrance and can be mixed with your moisturizer to get your best tan, while our Mousse has a deliciously tropical starfruit and logan fragrance and you can see the tan as you apply it with the Mitt.  

  • Develops in 2 hours 
  • Quick-dry formula and no sticky feeling 
  • No dodgy fake tan smell 
  • Natural DHA which works with your skin tone to give your all-over, natural glow 
  • Coconut water to nourish and hydrate skin 
  • Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • No palm oil  
  • 100% post consumer recycled plastic used for the Tanning Mousse 
  • Glass bottle for the Drops

For more product details and ingredients, see here. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Jennifer I.
Unreal coverage & natural

Go buy it. Just spend the money.

Gemma O. (United Kingdom)
Super natural

I can’t get over how natural my tan looks and how easy and evenly it applies. So so happy! Added bonus is it smells Devine too!

Rachel B. (United Kingdom)
Best ever self tan

I’ve NEVER in my life had a non streaky fake tan. Until now! It’s honestly perfect. Easy to apply, doesn’t smell, leaves skin a lovely sun kissed colour - not at all orangey. The face drops are so easy to apply as and when to keep the colour topper up and it sinks in quickly. Really love it. Thank you! Rachel.

Elizabeth S. (United Kingdom)

Absolutely love it

Mrs W. (United Kingdom)
Love these tanning products

Both the tanning drops and tanning mousse are great to use. They have a nice smell, are easy to use and do not streak. The body tan lasts very well, more than 2 days and if applied correctly doesn’t go patchy. I had a problem getting on the website to purchase and there was such a lovely lady who helped me make my purchase over the phone.

Thank you very much for sharing your lovely feedback. We are so happy that you enjoy using the Lucy Bee self-tan products, and that you found these easy to use. Customer service is very important to Lucy Bee, so we are pleased to hear that you were happy with help with your order over the phone. Thank you for your review, and for your support. Rian

Jo (United Kingdom)
Best Tan I have ever done

I read all the reviews of this before ordering but nothing could have prepared me for the smell of this tan! I was dubious it could smell nice bits it's amazing!!!!!!! I have always used fake bake tan as found it the most natural colour- but I am a Lucy bee convert- I won't use anything else from now on!!!!!

Hi Jo, thank you very much for sharing your wonderful feedback with us all! We are so pleased that you are enjoying the natural glow, and tropical scent of our self-tan mousse! If you are happy for us to share your image, please email a before and/or after photo to with a short review that we can use on Lucy Bee socials and website. As a thank you, we will send you a £15 voucher to use on the shop! Thanks very much, Rian

Amy F. (United Kingdom)
So natural!

I bought this tan a few months ago with the intention of trying it to give me a glow for my wedding day. I am now gutted I didn't get around to trying it before! I have never used at home fake tan as I've always been worried about streaking and the depth of the colour as I am fair skinned. I watched the video's several times before using, and finally tried it over the weekend. I was most worried about how it would come out on my face and my hands, but having followed Lucy's tips and tricks it went so well! I didn't have any coconut oil to hand but found an old vaseline that I used to protect my brows and hairline. I used moisturiser on my elbows/knees/backs of feet as I applied too. I loved that it dried quickly and I could see it developing as I got to my legs; it smells amazing during application. I found application easy and faster than I expected, I just used the mit myself to do what I could of my back and I managed to get most of it - forgot about the wooden spoon trick and I was home alone! I put some old baggy gym clothes on while it developed and probably didn't shower for just over two hours in all. Obviously I saw some of it wash off in the shower, I washed pretty much as normal and then patted myself dry as recommended. This morning, I have been left with a really nice subtle glow. No streaks or patches and a lovely colour. I actually wish I had applied another layer! I do think there is a slight smell post-application, but it isn't strong or unpleasant and doesn't bother me at all. I definitely feel confident about using it again before a day or night out, or when wanting a mood boost - I really get why Lucy was dancing around once her application was finished as it really does help you to feel fab!

Hi Amy, thank you very much for taking the time to share your fantastic feedback with us. We are so happy that you are loving the Lucy Bee self-tan, and that you found Lucy's tutorials helpful! It is wonderful to hear that you found this easy to apply, and that you are enjoying the natural glow. Feedback like this is really useful for other customers to read - so a big thank you! We are so happy you are a Lucy Bee self-tan convert! Rian

Sam H. (United Kingdom)
Natural looking tan couldn’t be easier

I’ve tried a great many tan products over the years and given up with them until Lucy Bee’s. I have quite light skin and usually turn a lovely shade of streaky orange with previous fake tans, all of which you can smell a mile away too! However, Lucy Bee’s tanning mousse and face drops are fantastic. The mousse creates a lovely glowing shade and the mitt makes application incredibly easy! I love the smell and once dry, it isn’t strong at all. The face drops are great and make my face look sun-kissed without the need to worry about streaks or lines as mixing it in with my moisturiser makes for an even application. Overall, two brilliant products and worth the price!

Sam, thank you for the great review! We’re so happy you love using the Lucy Bee self-tan, and that you are enjoying the natural glow. Thank you for your support, Rian

Nicci M. (United Kingdom)
Glowing Review

Both the tanning drops and the mousse are excellent. The drops are an instant go to for me now, adding a few drops to my face cream and within a few hours, I look sunkissed. The mousse smells divine and is the best smelling self tanning product I have used. It goes on so well, no streaks and looks so natural. There is a slight 'digestive biscuit' smell, but it's far reduced compared to other tanning products. A small price to pay... great tanning all round!

Hi Nicci, thank you for sharing your fantastic feedback. It is great to hear how much you enjoy using the Lucy Bee self-tan products! Thank you, Rian

J C. (United Kingdom)
Top to toe tanning

Great product. Really easy to apply and has a great smell.
Washes off to reveal a nice, even colour.
Would thoroughly recommend this product

Thank you for sharing your feedback, we are so pleased that you enjoy using the Lucy Bee self-tan products and that you find them easy to use. Thank you for your comments, Rian