All Year Glow
All Year Glow
All Year Glow
All Year Glow

All Year Glow

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For a streak free, sun-kissed, all-over tan our Mousse and Mitt are the perfect combination.

Our Mousse has a deliciously tropical starfruit and logan fragrance and is easy to apply using the Mitt, to give you a bronzed glow, without exposing your skin to the sun.

  • Develops in 2 hours
  • Quick-dry formula and no sticky feeling
  • No dodgy fake tan smell
  • Contains natural DHA which works with your skin tone to give your all-over, natural glow
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, palm oil free – ethical beauty at its best
  • Enriched with essential nutrients from coconut water such as amino acids, sugars, vitamins and minerals to nourish and hydrate your skin
  • Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
How To Use

Get the best tan you can by first prepping your skin. By this we mean exfoliating and moisturizing any dry patches before tanning, this will give you an even tan and glow! 

Pump the mousse directly onto the dry tanning mitt and apply to the skin in sweeping motions, making sure you cover all areas – you’ll see the product as you rub it over your skin, which makes this part much easier! Use it sparingly on your elbows, hands, knees, wrists and face for a natural-looking tan.

The tan will develop in 2 hours, after which you rinse off the excess and pat your skin dry. If you want a darker tan, apply another layer. You must use a mitt to apply the mousse, rather than bare hands.

Things to be aware of:

Moisturize regularly to make the most of your tan.

Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.

Avoid contact with eyes, hair and fabrics.

This doesn’t contain any sunscreen, so we advise you to wear SPF with this product.

No Palm Oil

Many skincare products list palm oil, or its derivatives, in their ingredients but we choose not to use it in any form in ours, due to its negative impact on the environment, habitat, animals and eco-systems.

There’s hardly a day goes by without reading in the press about deforestation for palm oil production and the fact that the very existence of orangutans is threatened because of this.

Many ingredients used in skincare include a derivative of palm oil, and it’s not always obvious that it’s been used. For example, some emulsifiers are sourced from either palm oil or coconut and the manufacturer of the emulsifier may not differentiate the source. We can confirm that no palm oil or derivatives of palm oil are used in any of our products.

Formulated Without

Palm oil
Artificial dyes
Synthetic dyes
Mineral oils



Container - 100% PCR plastic - recyclable
Pump - not recyclable
Lid - virgin plastic - recyclable

We have used 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic for the bottle. PCR plastic is plastic that’s already in the world – it might previously have been a water bottle or a milk carton, for example.

By using PCR plastic, it reduces the reliance on fossil fuels. The carbon footprint of manufacturing 100% PCR is 60% lower than virgin plastic.

PCR can be recycled and used again, and it reduces landfill dumping and reuses recovered plastics.

We are working closely with our manufacturing partner to offer refills of the Mousse with the idea that you keep the pump to reuse with the refill.


Velour (Polyester) - 70%
Sponge (Polyurethane) - 25%
TPU film (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) - 5%

  • What’s the difference between using the Tanning Mousse over the Drops?

Our Self-Tan Drops mean you are in control of the color you want to go and it is more of a gradual tan, whether that be a couple of drops for a little glow, or more for a deeper tan. They are also colorless and develop between 2-6 hours. You can use them on the face and body.

With our Tanning Mousse, it works in the same way and it still looks completely natural, but it is an instant color and it takes you straight to a medium tan. If you prefer a darker tan, then double it up. It is a little different in the sense that you apply it with a mitt. It takes 2 hours to develop and then you can wash off any excess if you wish with warm water, leaving you with a glowing tan - the natural DHA only needs 2 hours to develop on your skin so you can shower after this. You can also see the color when applying the Mousse. 

They both have the same principle – no sticky feeling, a quick dry formula, develops in 2 hours with a natural glow which works with your skin!

  • Can I use the Self-Tan Mousse on my face as well as body?

Yes of course, we’d recommend applying a small amount to the face. If you’d prefer to be more in control of your tan, then we’d recommend using our Self-Tan drops. With these you can use less drops for a little glow or add more for a deeper tan.

  • Is the tan visible as I apply the Mousse?

Yes, you’ll be able to see where the mousse has been applied. We always recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up so that you don’t miss anywhere.

  • Can I use the Tanning Mousse while pregnant?

According to the NHS it's generally considered safe to use fake tan products during pregnancy. The active ingredient in fake tan - dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a non-toxic substance. It can’t penetrate further than the top layer of the skin and it is not absorbed into the body.  

  • How long will my tan last?

Generally, it will last about 5 days, but It really depends on a number of things, such as: your exfoliating routine; your skin type; and your individual cellular renewal – the older you are, the longer the cell turnover. 

  • Can I suntan whilst wearing Lucy Bee Tanning Mousse?

Whilst using a fake tan product, you can still tan naturally when in the sun. Fake tans do not produce a skin-protecting barrier like sunscreens, so tanning naturally can still occur. 

Please note these do not contain SPF or sun protection so it is important to also use an SPF.

  • How long does the Tanning Mousse take to develop?

It develops in 2 hours. 

  • What color will I go?

It really depends on your skin type. The more Mousse you use, the darker the tan. The beauty of self-tanning is that you can control how much you apply to your skin, and therefore the depth of the tan. We've added a few functional ingredients to gain a natural looking color. The key one is erythrulose, a natural keto-sugar which takes part in Maillard’s reaction and leads to the formation of brownish polymers. It balances out the orange tones created by DHA (a color additive), giving a deep, even and natural long-lasting tan. 

  • Are there other options than medium?

Our medium tanning mousse covers many skin colors.  If you find you want a deeper tan after the initial layer then you can build it up with more mousse.

  • How does fake tan work? What is the reaction that creates tanned skin?

Sunless tanners contain dihydroxyacetone- commonly known as DHA. DHA molecules combine with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin to cause a chemical reaction which forms brown-colored melaninoids. It is well known as Maillard reaction.  

The individual cocktail of amino acids in the skin determines the tanning effect, that’s why each individual tans differently.  

  • What is DHA?

DHA is the standard self-tanning agent for all types of cosmetic products and has been the most common active agent used over the past 70 years. It is a solely natural reaction of DHA with the amines, peptides and free amino acids in a Maillard reaction (independent of UV rays) – this means it reacts with the top layer of the skin to tan. The benefit of using tanning mousse is that you can achieve a sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin with harmful UV rays.  

  • Will the tan transfer to my clothes?

Whilst the product is sinking in and working its magic it is best to wear loose clothing and avoid any lighter colors to reduce the risk of the tan transferring!  

  • What is the fragrance of the Tanning Mousse?

It has a tropical fragrance. 

  • Self-tanning versus natural tanning?

When you sunbathe, UV rays cause the skin to increase its production of the protective pigment melanin, which manifests itself as a tan. Tan is actually a sign of skin cell damage, which can increase the risk of skin cancer and accelerate skin aging. Using a self-tanner is always a safer option than traditional sun tanning as it can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet rays. 

  • What is the 7% of non-natural ingredients in the tanning mousse? 

This is preservatives which protect products from harmful microbial contamination, antioxidants and stabilizers. You can find most of these ingredients in nature and they are synthetized in the laboratory to get a pure and unique molecule. 

  • Why use Lucy Bee Coconut Water in the tanning products

Coconut water is a great water alternative with additional skin-moisturizing benefits.  

  • Will the tan wash off in the shower?

The Tanning mousse isn’t a wash-off tan. Instead, your tan will slowly wear off over a few days – the exact number of days depends on your cleansing/bathing routine, your skin type and your own individual cellular renewal. Generally speaking, the tan will last about 5 days. 

  • Can men use this?

Yes, they can. The Mousse works with your natural skin tone and is designed to be unisex.

  • Why is it better to use a Mitt to apply the Mousse than using my hands?

Using a tanning mitt helps to make sure the tanning mousse is applied evenly and streak-free.

Also, our Tanning Mousse is visible as you apply it to your skin and develops a deeper tan over 2 hours. So, to avoid staining your hands, we recommend using a tanning mitt to apply the mousse

  • How do I clean my Tanning Mitt?

Rinse the mitt with warm, soapy water or machine wash on a warm setting. 

Leave it to dry naturally as it’s not suitable for use in a tumble dryer. Ensure the mitt is completely dry before using again.

Any staining on the mitt from the mousse is to be expected.


Aqua (Water), Dihydroxyacetone, Heptyl Glucoside, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol,Citric Acid, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Erythrulose, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon Oil) Peel Extract, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Citronellol, Coumarin, Limonene, CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 42090 (Blue 1)

93% natural


Our Self-Tan Mousse is certified:

Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is the first product I have bought from Lucy Bee and I can safely say that I am very impressed. This tan is absolutely amazing! Quick, easy application and dries instantly. The smell is gorgeous and leaves you with a lovely holiday glow. I would 100% recommend this tan and cannot wait to try more Lucy Bee products!

Thank you for taking the time to send us your fantastic review, Lauren. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your first Lucy Bee products! I agree, the self-tan mousse smells like a tropical holiday and gives such a natural glow. Thank you for your feedback, I hope you enjoy other Lucy Bee products in the future. Rian


I’ve used other fake tans before and always been so frustrated by the fake tan smell that’s left even after showering. I read the reviews of the Lucy Bee tan which all said there’s no smell so I bought it and it’s amazing, no smell during or after and the colour is perfect. I’m so happy with the product and just what I needed during these winter lockdowns! The mitt is so soft and washes out well ready for the next use. The packaging it came in was all recyclable which is great. I’m going to buy the tanning drops next for my face because the colour wore off quicker due to cleansing, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed! Thank you team Lucy Bee for a wonderful product xx


Amazing, even for pale skin! No streaks, orange or horrible smell. Drys quickly, easy to apply. Gorgeous smell. Great quality mitt. Super impressed!


I’ve tried so many fake tan products over the years but I thought ok let’s give this one a ago. See what the hype is about...
Wow, firstly the smell!! Amazing.
The texture isn’t too thick or too thin, it glides on like a dream, doesn’t stick to any tough places (elbows, ankles etc). Drys really quickly.
You see colour straight away.
I didn’t want to rinse it off after 2 hours because I loved the colour so much.
Even after showering it off, the colour is lovely. I’m quite pale and it wasn’t too dark, the colour has a very natural colouring to it.
I used it 5 days ago & the colour isn’t as strong but it’s still there & more importantly it’s not worn where clothing maybe a little tighter (bra areas).
It’s not patchy on wrists or feet like I’ve experienced with other products normally the day after I’ve applied it.
The glove is also gorgeous, so soft & feels lovely on your skin. Don’t hesitate to buy it as I’m sure this helps the product go on so well.
The only negative I have with this product is it’s in plastic, otherwise I love this product and it will be a staple item in my beauty products for a long time. Thanks Lucy Bee!

All year tanning

I never write reviews, however I have been so impressed with the Lucy Bee tanning mousse I purchased that I felt it was absolutely necessary to leave a review. I have used a lot of different tanning brands and this is far by the best. It went on very easily, avoiding any patches... within two hours it had already started developing into a gorgeous natural tan, I had zero patches and zero orange spots.. I slept in it leaving the tan to develop even more beautifully, I am in love with this product!


Absolute magic! I not used tan for years. The biscuit smell sends me to the hills so I’m pleased that this one has little biscuit smell. It’s smell is amazing when you apply it. It’s so natural which is perfect as I was fearful I’d come out looking orange! The mit allows it to glide across your skin and makes for a really easy process.


Fantastic product went on really evenly and the application mitt protected my hands


I ordered the Lucy Bee Tan and was really pleased to receive my item so quickly.

The Lucy Bee Tan is amazing!

Smells gorgeous and no horrible fake tan biscuit smell at all. The tan is so easy to apply and dries very quickly. I cannot believe the results showing a lovely natural glow. Very impressed indeed! Also really enjoying the Lucy Bee Insta posts to demonstrate how to apply the tan. Very helpful.

Thank you! Well done!

Zoe Meakin


Great tan product - lovely natural colour and has no tan odour other than a lovely fruity fragrance xx


Excellent tan ! Rapid colour development and looks streak free and natural you just look well and glowy - like you have been on holiday ! It’s such a good colour better than all usual top name brands I have tried !